Slumber Party Massacre

The primary trailer for the Slumber Party Massacre remake is here, featuring the return of the iconic power drill-wielding killer. The original Slumber Party Massacre released in 1982 was made with a tiny financial plan. Despite the fact that the film didn’t get as much attention as other blood and gore movies from the ’80s like Friday the thirteenth and A Nightmare on Elm Street, Slumber Party Massacre has turned into a religion classic in the last 39 years. Slumber Party Massacre II was then released in 1987, trailed by Slumber Party Massacre III in 1990.

Yell! Studios announced in April that they were crafting a remake of the ’80s slasher, and presently the primary trailer from Syfy has arrived. The short teaser shows a lot of brutal killings prior to confirming a debut date of October 16 on Syfy. In addition to the new coeds, the trailer shows actor Rob van Vuuren as Russ Thorne, a job recently played by Michael Villella. The full trailer can be seen underneath:

Since Slumber Party Massacre has flown under the radar for a many individuals, it is probably for the best that Shout! Studios is making it a TV movie rather than trying to release the slasher in theaters. On top of the recent concerns with theaters regarding the pandemic, the seemingly shortsighted plot of Slumber Party Massacre may have had inconvenience bringing in swarms. Despite the fact that Slumber Party Massacre may not have as large of a following as other blood and gore flicks, this, in addition to Don Mancini’s Chucky TV show, will certainly give Syfy the high ground with regards to Halloween content this year.


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