Warner Bros. and director James Wan share the primary poster and new images for the filmmaker’s latest venture into the horror genre, Malignant. Wan initially rose to prominence in the horror genre with his feature debut, the first Saw, and has since launched the fan-favorite Insidious and blockbuster Conjuring franchises. After taking breaks from the terror with Furious 7 and Aquaman, the Australian director has returned to scare audiences to their core.

On the heels of unveiling the primary trailer for the film, Wan and WB have unveiled the main poster and new images for Malignant. The images and poster offer a deeper look the filmmaker’s hotly anticipated return to the horror genre and Annabelle Wallis’ troubled hero Madison. Check out the new images and poster below:

However Furious 7 and Aquaman went far to showing Wan’s range in directing other genres, Malignant came as a cheerful announcement in mid-2019 for those eager for his return to the universe of horror. The primary trailer for the movie pointed towards an interesting melding of styles from the director, blending the softer-lit and blue-hued Conjuring look with the more hyperkinetic editing of the earlier Saw films. While the new posters and images might not have much in the method of what the story will hold, they do offer an interesting knowledge into the legacy nature of its story.

Refering to Barbara Steele as an influence for Wallis’ appearance on the poster for Malignant does point towards a resemblance to works of art in the giallo genre, with the poster itself evoking affectionate memories of Mario Bava’s Black Sunday. How these influences translate into the story is anyone’s guess, yet taking a gander at Wan’s past genre efforts, it’s sure to be another terrifying trip for horror fans. The truth will surface eventually when the film arrives on HBO Max and in theaters on September 10.


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