Resistance forces claim that about 600 Taliban were killed in Afghanistan’s Panjshir


On Sunday, a day after which the Taliban was under huge fight for Afghanistan’s Panjshir Province, the resistance group told that approximately 600 Taliban were killed in the northeastern area. Fahim Dashti, the resistance forces’ spokesperson tweeted that the 600 Talibans were removed from the province, approximately 1,000 were made to surrender or were captured.

17 dead,41 injured in an open-air firing in Kabul

The spokesperson also mentions that the talibans have problems getting equipment from other parts of Afghanistan Province.

The Taliban and the other province had a fierce fight for capturing the north of Kabul, Panjshir Valley which is the last Afghanistan spot that is not under Islamic group. But both sides are claiming the upper hand on the valley with no specific proof.

The Taliban after capturing Afghanistan in three weeks was never able to have control over the Panjshir Province even when Afghanistan was under the rule of 1996 to 2001.

The Panjshir resistance forces have slowed down due to land mines in its province where the Taliban had to stop its offensive actions.

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