A video of the Russian attack on Ukraine has surfaced, showing a bomb being dropped on a man on a bicycle. There is constant bombardment from the side of the Russian army. So far many people have lost their lives in this war. This cyclist is also one of them.

The artillery of Russia is spewing fire against Ukraine. A video of the devastation being caused by Moscow has surfaced. By watching this video, it can be guessed that how the general public of Ukraine is suffering due to the whims of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A viral video shows a cyclist walking on a road in Ukraine. Then suddenly there is an air strike and with a loud bang, the scene of fire spreads all around. 

innocent civilians being killed

Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday, which is still going on. Echoes of explosions are being heard in many cities of Ukraine. It is being told that the Russian army has killed 137 people of Ukraine. While hundreds have been injured. Russia is continuously bombing Ukraine, in which innocent people are also being killed. The cyclist who was the victim of the air strike is also one of them.   

Crazy people looking for shelter

Earlier, another video surfaced, in which people are seen running to save their lives. Bad people are just looking for a shelter so that they can escape. Meanwhile, Ukrainian official sources have expressed fears that Friday could prove to be Black Friday for Ukraine as Russia has increased its attacks manifold. 

Instructions to prepare people

Russia is planning to surround Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is seen helpless. He has fiercely criticized America and NATO for not supporting in this difficult time. He has also given orders to unite the army. At the same time, he also said that the army should prepare such qualified people who can fight the war.

The capital of Ukraine, which was shaken by the blasts,  
said that there have been 6 explosions in Kiev since morning on Friday. These blasts have been done by cruise and ballistic missiles. However, Ukraine has responded by claiming to have downed a Russian plane as well. Since this morning, Ukraine’s capital Kiev has been shaking with loud explosions. Apart from this, Russian troops have also surrounded the Ukrainian city of Konotop and the rest of the force is moving towards Kiev. 


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