Russia has started protesting against Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine. A large number of people are protesting in unison in many cities including the capital Moscow. The police have so far detained around 1400 people.

After attacking Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War), Russian President Vladimir Putin is surrounded in his own house. Large-scale demonstrations are taking place against the war in 51 cities including Russia’s capital Moscow. At the same time, in the name of controlling the crowd of angry people, the police have started suppressing the demonstration. About 1400 people have been detained so far.

700 caught from Moscow 

According to the news published in our affiliate website WION, a large number of people are protesting on the streets of Russia. Around 1400 have been detained in 51 cities. Police have arrested about 700 protesters from Moscow alone and more than 340 in St. Petersburg. There are many people who are protesting, who are trapped in their own Ukraine. These people are opposing the war and demanding to resolve the issue through dialogue.

Protesters also gathered outside the Parliament

On Thursday, an appeal was made to people on social media to join the protest against the war. After this, a crowd of people gathered on seeing it. Between 2000 and 1000 gathered at the Pushkin Square in Moscow in St Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city. During this, banner-posters with the slogan ‘No to War’ were seen in his hand. It is being told that a large number of protesters had gathered outside the Russian Parliament as well.

Navalny made this allegation

Russia’s attack on Ukraine comes at a time when most opposition leaders have either been assassinated or imprisoned. Alexei Navalny, who has led the biggest demonstration against Putin, is also currently in jail. He is serving a sentence of two and a half years. Nevalny has also released a video against the Russo-Ukraine war. He has told a local TV channel that a war has been waged against Ukraine to hide the corruption spread in Russia. Putin is trying to fool the people of Russia through this war


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