Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continue for the second day in a row on Friday. The capital Kiev was shaken by 7 major explosions in the morning. People are hiding in houses, subways, underground shelters. From food and drink to daily necessities, there is a shortage.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that Russian forces have entered the capital. He has feared that Kiev will be occupied by Russia in the next 96 hours i.e. 4 days. He said Russian forces were targeting residential areas. He has appealed to the Russian citizens to protest against this war.

At the same time, the siren of the air raid has been heard in the city of Liv. After this, the mayor here has asked people not to come out of their homes.

Ukraine’s entire army went to war
Ukrainian President Zelensky said that the world has left us alone to fight in the war. They told that they are in Kiev and the Russian army has entered there. They have two targets, first – Kiev and secondly my family. Meanwhile, the government announced to bring the entire army into the war. For this, the Ukrainian government has banned Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. It is being said in some reports that Ukraine has given rifles to its 10,000 citizens for combat

Important updates of Jung…

  • US President Joe Biden has warned countries supporting Russia. Biden has said that countries that support the war on Ukraine will also have blood on their hands.
  • Ukraine claims its forces have killed more than 800 Russian soldiers. 30 Russian tanks and 7 spy aircraft have also been destroyed.
  • So far 137 people have been killed in the Russian attack, while 316 are injured.
  • According to the US report, a total of 203 attacks were carried out by Russia on Ukraine, in which 160 attacks were missiles and 83 land-based targets were hit.
  • The Defense Minister of Ukraine has claimed that 7 Russian aircraft, 6 helicopters, 30 tanks were destroyed by Ukrainian forces.
  • Russian forces besieged the Ukrainian city of Konotop, with the rest of the forces advancing towards the capital Kiev.

Protest against Putin started in Russia
After the attack on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is also facing domestic resentment with the world. Protesters in dozens of Russian cities protested against the attack on Ukraine, after which 1700 people have been detained. The World Bank has agreed to provide financial assistance to Ukraine.

America has also taken new steps
America has also announced on Thursday that it is deploying 7000 extra forces in Europe. US Defense Department Pentagon said – Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the deployment of troops to Germany to assure NATO allies.

America also wants to send a message to Russia that if it looks at NATO countries, then it will not hesitate to retaliate. Russia also captured Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant yesterday. Today the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Ukraine’s nuclear plants are operating safely, with no damage at Chernobyl.

fter Russia’s aggressive action, America has expelled the high label diplomat posted at the Russian Embassy in Washington from its country. However, a senior foreign department official told the New York Times that the diplomat had not been pulled out because of the Ukraine attack.

Protest against Putin on the streets of New York

A march was taken out in New York on Thursday against the Russian President. Thousands took to the streets of Manhattan carrying Ukrainian flags and holding placards to protest. At the same time, the US can vote on a resolution in the United Nations Security Council on Friday i.e. today to condemn the Russian attack and withdraw Russian forces from Ukraine.

French President Macron spoke to Putin on the phone

The Kremlin says French President Emmanuel Macron called Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the Kremlin, Macron and Putin had serious discussions on the Ukraine issue, with the Russian president telling France about the reasons for the attack and the circumstances. Last day, Putin spoke to the heads of state of India, Pakistan, Iran and France.


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