The US-led NATO, which assures Ukraine of security, is still engaged in diplomatic efforts. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has also started a hybrid war against Ukraine. Russia also began carrying out behind-the-scenes blasts by arming separatists in Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. By late Sunday, separatists bombarded 16 Ukrainian military bases.

According to media reports, US intelligence agencies claim that Putin has allegedly given orders to proceed with the attack.¬†Russia hacked the transactions of Ukraine’s Privtbank-JSC Bank.¬†US Defense Secretary Austin arrived in Poland and started negotiations for the sale of 250 Abrams tanks worth Rs 16,725 crore in the name of giving security to neighboring Ukraine.

America is also engaged in selling arms to other European countries. Ukrainian President Zelensky has now decided to hold talks with Putin himself over the delay in imposing economic sanctions on Russia.

30 thousand Russian soldiers will now stay in Belarus for a long time
About 30 thousand Russian soldiers who have been in Belarus for the last two months in the name of exercises are not going to leave soon. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, due to the uncertainty in the eastern provinces of Ukraine, the Russian army will not withdraw from here. Meanwhile, migration of people from eastern Ukraine to Russia continued on Sunday. People leaving from here are blaming Ukraine for the recent unrest.

Ukrainian said: We have been fighting with Russia for 8 years, the world is now aware

On Thursday, pro-Russian separatists opened fire on a school in a village in its Donbass region.  3 people died in this attack.

On Thursday, pro-Russian separatists opened fire on a school in a village in its Donbass region. 3 people died in this attack.

Tension prevails in Kiev after warning of Russian attack. Ivana of Kiev says that we have been fighting with Russia for the last eight years. We will continue to fight even further, the world is now knowing. Yarislov of Kiev says that Ukraine may be getting NATO support, but we know that America will not come to save us in case of attack.

Changing board: Germany said no sanctions on Russia yet, Macron talked to Putin,
the board has started changing on Ukraine. German Chancellor Olf Schultz has said that now is not the time to impose sanctions on Russia. French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Russian President Putin on Sunday. After talks that lasted for about 105 minutes between the two leaders, talks were agreed between the foreign ministers of the two countries on Monday.


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