15 years old teenager killed

A Palestinian teenager was killed by Israeli troops in the west bank due to the storming of troops on the refugee camp.

As per the Palestinian health ministry, Imad Khaled Saleh Hashaash who was 15 years old, died on Tuesday. This miserable act took place due to a headshot at the Balata refugee camp, near Nablus in the World Bank.

Therefore we have come across the statement of the Israeli Army, to which they have said that the military operation was to “APPREHEND A SUBJECT.”

The ongoing mission leads to the firing of live ammunition at the troops from the rooftops, to which the troops replied by shooting towards the sources of the shootings. The mission took place during the military operations.

During the time of the ongoing rampage, various soldiers were suspected to be holding large gadgets in their hands and were in the attempts to throw them on the Israeli soldiers neath the building. This was confirmed as one among the Israeli soldiers got fired and due to this it the location was recognized.

The increased number of killings was seen after the Gaza strip bombing took place that was done by Israeli warplanes which were in response to incendiary balloons that were launched by Palestine’s enclave as it led to the wildfire in Isreal.

As per the UN OHCHR, all this chaos has led to the taking away lives of seventy-eight Palestinian children since the start of 2021-12 in the West Bank and 67 in the Gaza Strip.


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