Former US President Donald Trump always gives rise to some new controversy, but this time the matter is related to the National Archive, which handles presidential records. The US National Archives of Record Administration (NARA) has accused Trump of taking several White House documents with him to Florida.

The National Archives has made this allegation on the basis of secret information. Now the US Justice Department has been contacted in this matter. The National Archive wants the former president’s habit of tearing papers to be probed, among other matters.

An archivist for the National Archive, David S. Ferreiro, Democrat of New York and Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Carolyn B. Sent a letter to Maloney on this matter. The letter, posted on the National Archives and Records Administration website, states that documents related to national security have been identified in the box Trump took with him. The investigative agency is now investigating how Trump handled the president’s records. The National Archives has now contacted the US Justice Department regarding the matter.

The revelations over the past two weeks also raised new questions about whether Trump properly complied with federal record-keeping laws or mishandled classified information after leaving the White House. The National Archives said in its letter on Friday that Trump had failed to return White House records containing “certain social media records”. Ferreiro also wrote that some White House staff have used electronic messaging accounts in an unofficial way.

Trump took 15 boxes of documents with him
According to The Washington Post, the National Archive has said that Trump took 15 boxes of papers with him when he left the White House after losing the presidential election. These were recovered from the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. These documents also include correspondence with Kim Jong Un.

The call details of the day of the Capitol Hills violence were also missing
, now a new difficulty has come in front of the panel investigating the Capitol Hills violence. On January 6, the day the violence took place on Capitol Hills, some official phone logs of the White House are not available. Because of this also questions are being raised on Trump.

Investigators are yet to find any evidence to establish whether any official records were tampered with or not. Indeed, Trump often used his cell phone for his conversations. In general, the arrangements for presidential communication were not adopted. Despite this, the missing of important official call details has made it difficult for the investigation team. The team has been able to get only a few details.

Trump tore and flushed official documents
while President Donald Trump had violated protocols several times as President. Even before this, Trump was accused of tearing and flushing official documents while in office. Trump flushed so many papers that because of this the toilet of the White House was clogged.


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