Britain is under threat from the mighty Younis storm. It is moving towards south-west direction with a speed of 160 kmph. The Meteorological Department has issued a red alert in the country. The army has been ordered to be ready.

A flood warning has been issued for western England due to the storm. Its impact will be more visible along the northern coast of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset as well as the southern coast of Wales. Hail is also expected in Scotland and northern England.

Travel in Central Europe has been disrupted by Hurricane Eunice. Prince Charles was due to leave for South Wales today but had to postpone the trip due to the cancellation of all trains in Wales. On the other hand, schools have been closed in the affected areas of England and Wales and people have been urged not to leave the house.

The Meteorological Department says that strong winds will blow from Younis. There is a risk of damage to buildings and homes. Ireland’s Meteorological Department also issued an alert for the storm.

Due to the Dudley storm, there was power outage in many areas
, while the Dudley storm also hit Britain on Wednesday. Traffic was disrupted due to this and power went out in many areas. However, not much damage was done.

PM Johnson said – Army is ready
The UK government on Thursday held a meeting with its emergency ‘COBR’ committee to discuss both the storms. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that our army is ready. On the other hand, transport companies say that roads, bridges and railway lines can be closed due to the storm. Apart from this, flights can also be canceled.

KLM canceled 167 flights today
Meanwhile, Dutch major airline KLM has canceled 167 flights today. Due to stormy weather in Amsterdam on Thursday 17 February and Friday 18 February 2022, flights to or through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol may be disrupted, the company said in a statement.


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