There is always a state of uncertainty regarding neurological disorders. But now they can be detected through a simple DNA test. Identifying the disease would also not require the lengthy and complicated process of genome sequencing. For years, research on Huntington’s disease, or nerve disorder, was going on at Genomic England and Queen Mary University. In this research, a new technology of DNA has been found.

Till now it was very difficult to find the causes of neuro disorder because many times the symptoms of this disease are not found genetically. Because of this, it takes many years to find the symptoms. But according to new DNA-based research, not only can this disease be detected accurately, but it can also be diagnosed through simple treatment. Queen Mary University Prof. According to Mark Caulfield, if detected on time, better treatment of this disease can be found.

Let us inform that NSS Genomic Medicine Service invites people to conduct research in England in relation to neuro disorders like cancer so that many serious diseases can be easily detected. Many times waiting for years for genome sequencing can find a diseased gene, but it will be detected sooner with DNA.

Genes of disease will be detected by DNA algorithm
. Ariana Tucci told that according to this new research, DNA algorithms will be able to detect the gene for the disease. There will be no need to do whole genome sequencing. The patient’s DNA will be matched to the healthy person’s DNA. With the help of DNA algorithms, it will be possible to easily isolate the disease genes and start treatment.


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