Italy is offering a discount on homes in the town of Maenza. It is one of those places where people can buy a house for as low as hold your breath  one euro (approx87). This is less than the price of a burger offered by McDonald’s.

The  buyer will have to restore the houses. Maenza, 70 kilometers south of Italy’s capital Rome, and has become the first in the Latium region to begin selling homes for just over a dollar. The scheme was launched by Italy last year to help stabilise the dwindling population in villages.

Maenza is located high up on the wild Lepini hills south of the capital and is the latest to join Italy’s one euro a home project.The town boasts of scenic views and has a long history of being the home to fiery tribes.

The town of maenza has become the first in Rome’s Latium region to begin selling homes for the price of chicken McGrill burger from McDonald’s.  

Mayor Claudio Sperduti said the plan is to breathe new life into the quite alleys of the town. Sperduti told CNN ,”We’re taking it one step at a time. As original families get in touch and hand over to us their old houses, we place these on the market through specific public notices on our website to make it all very transparent,”.

There are at least 100 neglected properties in Maenza because which are in need of restoration.

The offer, according to authorities in Maenza, is currently open for a few houses till August 28, but the mayor has assured that more such properties will be made available soon.

The buyer will have to grant a  deposit will be €5,000 , which will returned once work is complete. A person buying the house do not have to live there compulsory, but submit a detailed renovation  plan about how they want to use it as a home, a restaurant or a shop.


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