Roller Coaster

The fastest accelerating roller coaster has been shut down until further notice!

As it has been reported that it has led to the customer’s broken backbone after the ride. Since December, a minimum of six riders has gone through the bone fracture.

“Do-Dodonpa” the death taking speed roller coaster in one of the most popular country’s parks – Fuji-Q Highland Park has proved to be delicious for many.

As per the sources, four broke their neck and backbones, these incidents came into knowledge on August 17.

Do-Dodonpa, the roller coaster was built in 2001, where the rides go from 0 to 180 degrees per hour in the time of 1.56 seconds. As per the officials, for two decades it was the first time acknowledged that the riders broke their bones after the operation.

There were no such incidents of serious injuries such as bone injuries till December, even in 2017, the sped was brought from 172 kilometres per hour to 180 kilometres per hour.

There were no technical issues that were acknowledged by the park. The company that built the roller coaster apologised to the injured riders and said they are not on a conclusion of the miserable happenings!

The cases of injuries are rare and the last death record has been found in 2007.

Naoya Miyasato, an architecture professor from Nihon University who has studied the roller coaster, said the broken bones are unheard of.


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