Jason Mewes

Entertainer Jason Mewes, who is best known as chatterbox stoner Jay in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse, has teased exactly the amount of the beloved character is in the upcoming Clerks 3. Filming is currently underway on Smith’s latest entry in the famous franchise, with the last Clerks sequel having arrived 15 years prior. For many fans, the new film already feels more nostalgic than 2006’s Clerks 2, thanks in large part to Smith’s regular online media updates.

With its scornful mind and often dull representation of life in an entry-level occupation landscape, the characters in Clerks actually feel relevant today. Indeed, some of the characters have managed to move beyond Clerks and appear in a large group of other movies by Smith. Jay and Silent Bob are two very understated characters that have managed to fabricate a solid following that has manifested itself in everything from spinoff movies to comic books and video games. Fans have become increasingly used to the team appearing in some limit in many of Smith’s movies, and the upcoming Clerks 3 is no different in this respect. Screen Rant recently spoke to Mewes about the film and the 47-year-old teased exactly the amount Jay there will be in the sequel. Read what he said below:

We were simply talking regarding that, me and Kevin and the wife, because the last one we did was Reboot and I was there every day, 12 hours per day. This one I worked like three days last week, and I worked yesterday for like, an hour because I had one line yesterday, so I was there maybe two hours. Friday, I was there maybe four hours because I had like two scenes, one of them was dancing the other one was me saying one line of discourse. It’s been nice, because it’s like, I get to be important for the movie and be there consistently, yet I’m just there for a couple hours and then I could return home and spend time with my child or I can wake up and stream on Twitch.

Sequels are always an interesting business and in the case of something as seemingly perpetual as the Clerks franchise, exactly how successful Clerks 3 will be is anyone’s guess. However, with characters like Jay and Silent Bob, just as the remainder of the original cast returning, this is very much a film for the fans. All things considered, its success is something of a foregone conclusion. For many, it’s only great to see the franchise actually persevering after this load of years.


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