Oblivion Song

Robert Kirkman’s science fiction comic, Oblivion Song, is now set to star Jake Gyllenhaal. Oblivion Song is a modern story that follows hero Nathan Cole as he makes trips back to an area in Philadelphia where 300,000 people were lost in what is now an interdimensional prophetically calamitous hellscape. The Image Comics series, drawn by Lorenzo De Felici, began in March 2018 and Kirkman has said that the series will end with issue #36.

In a press release from New Republic Pictures, it was announced that Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nine Stories would be co-producing the film with Gyllenhaal expected to take the lead role of Nathan Cole. Gyllenhaal’s team sees the potential for a franchise with Oblivion Song, which they say will likewise “explore unavoidable issues we’re reckoning with internationally.” The potential for the film to be more than a one-and-done movie is stressed by all parties involved, with Kirkman excited about the involvement of both New Republic and Nine Stories. Read what he needed to say below:

“We were unable to be more excited to find such great partners in New Republic and Nine Stories. The two companies have a tremendous reputation for premium storytelling at the highest level, and we can hardly wait to see Jake bring this character to life on the big screen. We are so fortunate to have assembled a team that is however passionate about this comic as we may be.”

With The Walking Dead’s main series coming to a close on AMC, Kirkman is definitely making moves to pursue other projects, be them in comics, film or television. Oblivion Song would be his first feature transformation, however. Gyllenhaal has a number of projects lined up, including a transformation of Tom Clancy’s The Division, a lead role in Michael Bay’s Ambulance and is portraying producer Robert Evans in the upcoming series about the making of The Godfather, Francis and The Godfather. His next release is the Antoine Fuqua directed The Guilty, which is set to debut on Netflix on October first, 2021.


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