F9 has finally received an Honest Trailer on YouTube, which pokes fun at John Cena’s character, filmmakers’ reliance on old activity stunts, and an overall messy storyline. The Fast and Furious franchise has become one of the best entities in Hollywood. Universal took a film about street racing and turned it into an activity packed (and significant money-making) film series, now with nine movies, the greater part of them profoundly famous and well reviewed.

Considering F9 was one of the biggest movies in 2021, there was no way Screen Junkies on YouTube would leave behind the chance to give it the honest trailer treatment.The F9 parody additionally doesn’t let up on making fun of Cena’s option to the story. The storyteller points out that the lone clue that Jakob and Dom are related is both of their propensities for flexing their muscles and significantly looking back at the camera. Additionally, it brings up Cena’s controversy when he referred to Taiwan as a country during F9’s press visit. Overall, the premise of the parody can be summed up in one line: “Hit that vape until F9’s activity scenes begin to make sense.” Check out the full Honest Trailer for Fast and Furious 9 below:

The 6-minute parody additionally discusses the franchise in general, poking fun at filmmakers for relying on old storylines and activity stunts, like blowing up tanks and driving off bluffs. “Now after eight movies, they’re out of ideas and will rehash the entirety of that,” the storyteller jokes, “in addition to go to space.” As per regular, the Honest Trailer didn’t keep down.

Considering the mixed reviews surrounding Fast and Furious’ ninth film, some fans are sure to snicker at the jokes pointed out in the trailer about the silliness of the movie. Like, how a Pontiac somehow survives space travel, crashing into a satellite and returning to Earth without a scratch. Likewise, it begs the question of what direction F10 and F11 will take. In any case, for the present, it’s great to giggle at some of the plot holes of F9, especially for those viewers who endured the entire lengthy film.


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