Star Wars

Star Wars new edit shows characters on Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. The Beatles are back in the spotlight thanks to filmmaker Peter Jackson and his new documentary The Beatles: Get Back, which uses never-before-seen footage of the band working on their final album Let It Be.

Disney+ of course is not just the home of the Beatles, its also the home of Star Wars, another mainstream society phenomenon that holds seeming unending fascination. In a touch of synergy, Mark Hamill tweeted about the arrival of Get Back with a piece of art turning the famous Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover into a showcase for characters from the original Star Wars set of three (with one lone little appearance by a prequel character, just for fans of that era of Star Wars). See the tweet in the space beneath:

The original Sgt. Peppers cover famously featured the Beatles surrounded by all sorts of random show-business, political and other figures who were relevant in the 1960s. Star Wars Sgt. Peppers on the other hand is a store for Star Wars fans, as figures from the films both famous and obscure get their second to mingle. Perhaps significantly, Jar Binks is the only prequel set of three character who makes his way onto the cover. No sequel set of three or Disney+ TV show characters manage to crack the cover.

Given the instant nostalgia quality of a Star Wars Sgt. Peppers cover, its perhaps appropriate that the image features mostly original set of three characters. Star Wars may not be very as old as Beatlemania as a mainstream society phenomenon however it reaches back closer to that era and theres something directly about focusing mostly on those more established characters to the drawback of newer ones. Nostalgic music and movie fans can now get their full fix on Disney+ thanks to Star Wars and Get Back.


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