Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has explained why she thinks Hollywood has been getting female spies wrong in the past, ahead of her new action film The 355. The 44-year-old leading lady has played a smart CIA analyst in Zero Dark Thirty, a determined astronaut in Interstellar and a sly poker master in Mollys Game, yet now Chastain is cementing her place as an action saint. After entering the class in 2020s Ava as a deadly assassin, the actress now fronts Simon Kinbergs new action-thrill ride The 355.

In an interview with Empire, Chastain has discussed what separates this new action flick from previous female-drove thrillers. The actress posited that Hollywood and the more extensive entertainment world has “really got female spies wrong, explaining that previous movies have shown them as honeypots, using their sexuality to do their spywork. Chastain argues that real life female spies are used for their minds, and that the more tasteful and accurate depiction is significantly seriously interesting. Read the actresss full interview statement underneath:

I feel like the entertainment world has really got female spies wrong Theyve portrayed them as honeypots, and thats not the reality of the situation. Ladies werent being used for their bodies, they were being used for their minds, which is a seriously interesting concept.

Chastains comments assist with making The 355 stand out and offer a new perspective on an exceptionally popular class. The film is a passion project for the actress and takes its name from the real-life gathering of the first at any point recorded female spies in the United States during the American revolution.


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