Sadiq Khan has sought-after to undermine the review’s injury to him by claiming Sir Tom features a history of supporting party politicians and policies and is “clearly biased”

It is value memory that the name of Dame Cressida and therefore the force she was leading were at a awfully low purpose in February.

But what’s at stake here is whether or not it ought to be attainable for an officer – either in a very work of pique or for entirely excusable reasons – to only get obviate a police officer by threatening to publically undermine them.

Sir Tom has clearly ended that Parliament has place procedures in place and these ought to be followed. He says that politicians ought to pay a high political value for circumventing that method as happened on ten February.

Responding to Sir Tom’s report Mr Khan said: “On the previous commissioner’s watch, trust within the police fell to record lows following a litany of terrible scandals.

“What happened was easy – I lost confidence within the former commissioner’s ability to create the changes required and she then selected to face aside.

“Londoners elective me to carry the Met commissioner to account and that is specifically what I even have done.

“I make completely no apology for demanding higher for London and for swing the interests of town i like 1st. I will be able to continue operating with the new commissioner to scale back crime and to construct trust and confidence within the police.”

The circumstances of Dame Cressida’s departure were the same as one in every of her predecessors Sir Ian Blair – who resigned as Met commissioner in 2008 once the then civil authority, Boris Johnson, aforesaid he had lost confidence in his leadership.

In a statement Dame Cressida said: “I regret this report was necessary however I hope it’ll facilitate produce a device foundation for my successors.

“At all times I sought-after to uphold the law and act ethically and with goodwill, expertness, openness and trust.

“I absolutely respect the necessity for democratic oversight of policing. it’s additionally vital that politicians respect group action and don’t break the principles.

“I hope this report is a chance for others to replicate on however hall functions and is command to account.”

‘Speak truth to power’

In a statement the house office defended Sir Tom’s findings.

A spokesperson said: “He has never been afraid to talk truth to power and he upholds the very best standards of integrity once it involves coverage the facts.

“He was employed to deliver a report on the facts close the departure of the commissioner and he has done simply that.”


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