Dame Cressida Dick “felt intimidated” into stepping down as Metropolitan commissioner after an demand from Sadiq Khan, in line with a review.

She quit in February once the mayor of London aforementioned he had lost confidence in her leadership.

Priti Patel asked the then chief inspector of constabulary Sir Tom Winsor to hold out a review into the handling of Dame Cressida’s exit.

Mr Khan aforesaid the review was “clearly biased” and “ignores the facts”.

Dame Cressida aforesaid the report had found mister Khan “did not follow group action and from time to time his behaviour was oppressive, unreasonable, entirely unacceptable and unfair”.
Sir Tom’s paper additionally notes that the mayor’s actions were “not in accordance with the relevant legislation”.

The crises and controversies of Cressida Dick

The former commissioner antecedently aforementioned she had to resign once mister Khan created it clear he had no confidence in her leadership.

It followed cases of favoritism and misogynism among some Met officers.

Dame Cressida, the primary girl to steer the UK’s biggest force, additionally featured criticism over the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Met officer last year, and a series of different scandals.

In his 116-page report, Sir Tom aforesaid the civil authority had given the commissioner “an ultimatum” to attend a gathering wherever she would ought to convert him regarding her plans for the force, otherwise he would unleash an announcement “making it clear that he not had trust and confidence” and would begin the “statutory process” to get rid of her.

“When the commissioner didn’t attend that meeting, the mayor’s chief of workers reiterated the mayor’s position and gave her but one hour to choose what to try to to.”

He aforesaid she was “intimidated by this method into stepping aside”, and “the commissioner felt that, within the interests of Londoners and therefore the Metropolitan Police, she had to ‘step aside’, as a prelude to her ultimate resignation”.

The report found that hall had given Dame Cressida half-hour to create a call.

Sir Tom additionally noted that hours before Dame Cressida proclaimed her resignation, communications between the mayor’s chief of workers and therefore the Met police officer of company services were “unjustifiably politically brutal”.

“For any employee – least of all one thus senior and long-serving – to lean underneath an hour to choose whether or not to resign or to challenge the mayor’s position was entirely unacceptable.”

He represented the timetable “imposed” on the commissioner as “wholly arbitrary”, adding there had been “no reason the commissioner’s position had to be publically resolved in such a brief area of time”, giving her very little time to visit others.

“The civil authority was entirely incapable in interview of explaining why he believed he had to create a public statement on the commissioner’s position on the evening of the ten February, 2022.”

Sir Tom aforesaid in his opinion the civil authority and therefore the Mayor’s workplace for Policing And Crime’s (Mopac) actions were “oppressive” and “unreasonable”.

“The pressure to resign was considerable , and it succeeded,” he added.

In June – months once Dame Cressida quit – the Met was placed into a complicated stage of observance, in what the Home Secretary represented as “special measures”.

Ms Patel aforementioned it had been clear to her the Met Police was falling short in obtaining “the basics right”.


By Daniel Sandford, home affairs correspondent

On the face of it the criticisms of London’s civil authority Sadiq Khan during this review are devastating.

Sir Tom Winsor says the civil authority had effectively “constructively dismissed” the foremost senior policeman within the United Kingdom.

He wrote that his workers had been “unjustifiably politically brutal”, that they’d obligatory a “wholly arbitrary” timetable, and there may well be “no justification” for the mayor’s “unfair” conduct or his “oppressive and unreasonable treatment” of Dame Cressida Dick.

Sadiq Khan has sought-after to undermine the review’s injury to him by claiming Sir Tom features a history of supporting party politicians and policies and is “clearly biased”

It is value memory that the name of Dame Cressida and therefore the force she was leading were at a awfully low purpose in February.

But what’s at stake here is whether or not it ought to be attainable for an officer – either in a very work of pique or for entirely excusable reasons – to only get obviate a police officer by threatening to publically undermine them.

Sir Tom has clearly ended that Parliament has place procedures in place and these ought to be followed. He says that politicians ought to pay a high political value for circumventing that method as happened on ten February.

Responding to Sir Tom’s report Mr Khan said: “On the previous commissioner’s watch, trust within the police fell to record lows following a litany of terrible scandals.

“What happened was easy – I lost confidence within the former commissioner’s ability to create the changes required and she then selected to face aside.

“Londoners elective me to carry the Met commissioner to account and that is specifically what I even have done.

“I make completely no apology for demanding higher for London and for swing the interests of town i like 1st. i will be able to continue operating with the new commissioner to scale back crime and to construct trust and confidence within the police.”

The circumstances of Dame Cressida’s departure were the same as one in every of her predecessors Sir Ian Blair – who resigned as Met commissioner in 2008 once the then civil authority, Boris Johnson, aforesaid he had lost confidence in his leadership.

In a statement Dame Cressida said: “I regret this report was necessary however I hope it’ll facilitate produce a device foundation for my successors.

“At all times I sought-after to uphold the law and act ethically and with goodwill, expertness, openness and trust.

“I absolutely respect the necessity for democratic oversight of policing. it’s additionally vital that politicians respect group action and don’t break the principles.

“I hope this report is a chance for others to replicate on however hall functions and is command to account.”


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