Thandiwe  Newton steps out for a special screening of her movie, President, held at Bertha Doc House on Friday night  January 14 in London, England.The 49-year-old actress is a producer on the movie, alongside DannyGlover, and it was a winner at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

Presidentcaptures Zimbabwe at a crossroads. In the first election since the removal of Robert Mugabe, the new leader of the opposition Nelson Chamisa is challenging the dictator’s corrupt legacy, and his successor Emmerson “the crocodile” Mnangagwa.

“Zimbabwe needs this film like a body needs oxygen,” Thandiweshared in a statement about the movie last year. “It has the potential to save lives, liberate the oppressed, and discover truths. There is no better purpose for filmmaking, than this.”

Thandiwewas joined by Zimbabwean British model Nyasha Matonhodzeand producer SigneByrge at the event. The election will be the ultimate test for both sides. How they interpret the principles of democracy, if they can inspire trust among the citizenry, not succumb to violence,and  foster  faith in institutions, will set the course for the future for the country.


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