The 48 year old model has teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg for her first single, ‘Chai Tea With Heidi’, but admitted it was completely outside of her comfort zone. Heidi told : “This is definitely much scarier than showing off my body.

“It started as a theme tune for my show, ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’, but once we got Snoop Dogg involved and pulled it together we thought, ‘Why not put it out properly’ I just love Snoop, I’m a huge fan so I couldn’t be more excited.

 “Hopefully me still doing shoots and showing off my body at 48 will inspire others there used to be an age limit on modelling but I hope that’s changing, and I’d like to do whatever I can to keep changing that.”

Jamie Dornan has detailed his helplessness after his father died from COVID in Belfast, while he was isolating in Australia.The 39-year-old actor had four days left of his isolation, ahead of shooting ‘The Tourist’ in Australia, when he received the news that his father Jim, 73, had passed away after contracting COVID in hospital, where he was having an operation on his knee.

Due to the restrictions, Jamie was unable to travel home to Northern Ireland to be with his family or attend the funeral and he called 2021 a “brutal” year.Jamie lost his mother Lorna to pancreatic cancer when he was just 16 and he said: “I’ve been subjected, early on in my life and now, to a lot of pain and  loss.”

Meanwhile, Jamie  who has children Dulcie, eight, Elva, five, and two-year-old Alberta with wife Amelia Warner, 39 revealed he hates being forced to spend time away from his family for work.

“I think I have a real understanding of what it is to go away, often for the benefit of the family  to work, to provide. Every single step I do since becoming a father, my career is for them. That’s all I really care about. I’m so lucky that I have three healthy little girls. I’m just missing them so much.


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