EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell is set to present his love Kat Slater with a special engagement ring after she popped the question in recent scenes.

Despite kissing his ex Sharon Watts following his release from prison, preview pictures for the BBC soap will see the jailbird (Steve McFadden) cement his future with Kat (Jessie Wallace) as he surprises her with the jewellery.

But are the duo set to live happily ever after? Or will Phil’s lingering attraction for ex Sharon ruin their wedding plans.  Meanwhile, viewers are still recovering after recent scene scenes saw Kat buttoning up her top and Phil panting on the sofa following their very passionate encounter. 

It comes as EastEnders fans were left appalled this week after Phil and Kat’s racy sex scene as they united following his stint in jail.  Images see Kat looking thrilled as Phil holds out a diamond engagement ring, with the mechanic also setting a date for the big day.

Sharing their thoughts on Twitter, one fan wrote: ‘The thought of seeing that Phil and kat had sex on TV made me vomit in my cup of tea.’While another shared: ‘Phil and Kat sh***ing is my personal hell.’

With another adding: ‘Hurry back Alfie, I don’t know how much more Kat & Phil canoodling I can take.’ Speaking of Alfie, things could potentially prove difficult as he’s set to return, with EastEnders fans thrilled on Tuesday as the character made a surprise cameo.

Many viewers gushed it was ‘so good’ to see his face, as others bemoaned it had been ‘too long’.  In the scene, Tommy decided to contact his estranged parent after struggling to connect with step-father Phil Mitchell – who is engaged Alfie’s ex-wife Kat Slater.

Following news Shane Richie, 58, would return to the soap full time later this year, the former Queen Vic landlord was seen briefly on video call to his son Tommy (Sonny Kendall).  Shocked with how much his son has grown, following his departure from Albert Square in 2019, Alfie said: ‘I can’t believe it’s you!’

The legendary character, who first featured in the soap in November 2002, decided to flee Walford following the revelation he had fathered a child with his wife’s cousin Hayley .The youngster sat at the kitchen table as he held the phone in his hands.

Alfie continued: ‘I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. You’re never far from my thoughts’.  Before adding: ‘I know it’s been a few years but look at you – you’re turning into a little man. Is your mum still with that Kush [Kat’s former beau Kush Kazemi] fella?’.

But before the youngster could reply Alfie found himself distracted by a lady blowing akazoo.  Tommy said: ‘I just wanted to see your face, I better go now.’ ‘The new executive producer, Chris Clenshaw, has been instrumental in wanting to bring Alfie Moon back with some wonderful storylines… and who am I to say no?! I can’t wait.’

Speaking about his return Shane said: ‘It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be asked back to my TV home of Albert Square.’  He continued: ‘I’m looking forward to catching up with some old castmates and meeting some new ones.

Executive producer Chris added: ‘Shane Richie created one of the most iconic, loveable and most memorable characters in soap, and to welcome him back to Walford is an absolute pleasure.’


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