Spencer Matthews has made a candid admission about his sex life with his wife Vogue Williams admitting they’ve got intimate in public places. The CleanCo founder, 33, spoke about their sexual relations during a recent episode of their self-titled podcast Spencer & Vogue, much to his wife’s horror.

Detailing their exploits, Spencer admitted they have done ‘all sorts of weird together’, which included having sex in a sauna. The admission came as the couple are holidaying together with their three children, Theodore, three, Gigi, 23 months and Otto, two months.

The couple were spotted putting on a cosy display while enjoying a dip in the sea together, with Vogue wrapping her arm around her beau’s shoulders. Their appearance comes after the X-rated confession, which was revealed when Vogue read out a fan’s question on their podcast. 

Vogue was seen looking sensational in a black bikini as she strolled along the beach, wearing a pair of sliders and a chic straw hat and shades. Meanwhile, former Made In Chelsea star Spencer showcased his toned torso as he went shirtless in a pair of pale pink swimming trunks.

Spencer replied: ‘We obviously can’t talk about that on the pod.’ Dismissing the question, Vogue said: ‘I don’t think we’ve done anything that strange.’ Brushing off the racy topic, Vogue concluded: ‘Anyway we’re not getting into that.’ The couple often speak candidly about the intimate side of their relationship as they revealed earlier this year they had been put on a ‘two week sex ban’ by a doctor.

She said on her My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast with her pal Joanne McNally as they were discussing exercise: ‘I have to put my proper training on the back burner. I went to the doctor the other day I’m on a sex ban while I go to the Maldives I’m lying there with a probe in me.

Spencer revealed: ‘We have sex in public places.’ Vogue stopped him and said: ‘No we don’t. Would you stop, no we don’t. Where?’ Spencer replied: ‘In the sauna.’ Confirming the claim, Vogue said: ‘That’s not a public place,’ to which Spencer suggested: ‘Well it kind of is, anyone can walk in.’

‘And Spencer’s face, he was like, “Excuse me, what, Dr Vasso?” We were looking at my cervix and every time I laughed, which was constant because he kept going on about it, it was becoming more of a problem.’ She added: ‘My cervix is a little bit open so I have to be careful. I’m allowed to go swimming, I’m not allowed to go for fast walks or do high impact stuff.’


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