Alessandra Torresani spoke about bringing her baby daughter Lady Francis into her life during an interview with People that was shared on Friday.The 35-year-old performer discussed numerous aspects of her child’s arrival during the sit-down and noted that she was enthusiastic about watching her newborn grow over the years.

The Caprica actress then described the process of choosing Lady’s name ‘as unique as the experience we’ve had bringing her into this world so far.’ The performer went on to express that her daughter’s now-name was used to reference her prior to her arrival. 

The Big Bang Theory cast member announced that her daughter had been born with a post that was shared to her Instagram account on June 27. Torresani began the interview by noting that, even though her child was born with some difficulty, she and her baby were doing well.

She recalled: ‘Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I just naturally referred to her as my “Little Lady.” Instead of a baby shower, I even had a Little Lady Shower.’ Torresani noted that she and her husband, Sturgis Adams, initially started using the name as a term of endearment.

Torresani concluded by expressing that ‘we are looking forward to her redefining a word we might think we know.’ The performer’s Instagram post showed her placing her hand under her newborn daughter’s.

‘We never planned on this being her name, it was only a cute nickname that gave her a little more substance since she never felt like just a “baby” inside me,’ she said. The actress went on to state that she and her spouse decided on their child’s name during her birth.

The baby girl notably wore a bracelet that featured her name, and her mother’s read: ‘Lady’s mom.’ 


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