A British trawler, taken by France last week, remains being control in le Harve, despite suggestions from the setting secretary to the contrary.

Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday, George Eustice aforesaid he thought the Cornelis Gert January had been discharged.

However, Macduff Shellfish, the house owners of the boat aforesaid it absolutely was still impounded.

And landscapist Street later confirmed that the vessel remained within the French port.

The seizure of the boat comes amid a diplomatic row between the united kingdom and France over licences permitting French boats to fish in British waters.

France suspect the united kingdom of denying permits to French fishermen and vulnerable to retaliate by interference British boats from French ports and adjustment border checks on British product.

The UK insisted it absolutely was projected to the post-Brexit EU-UK agreement and warned it might take action unless France withdrew its threats.

Why is there a Brexit fishing row?

France delays sanctions as fishing talks continue

Who extremely owns United Kingdom fishing rights?

Mr Eustice told the BBC there had been “constructive talks” between the 2 countries on Monday which more discussions would continue over the week.

French Maritime Minister Annick Giardin aforesaid her government wished British to supply, by the top of Tuesday, a document “detailing the conditions for getting licenses for the fourteen vessels within the 6-12 transport mile zone”.

She conjointly urged Jersey to rethink the cases of thirteen vessels that she aforesaid ought to run licences “very quickly”.

Asked regarding the taken trawler, Mr Eustice aforesaid there had been some “administrative confusion” however additional that he didn’t suppose the vessel was still being control by the French.

However, Macduff Shellfish later aforesaid they were “not aware” that their trawler had been discharged by French authorities.

Andrew Brown, the company’s director of property and public affairs, said: “Right currently we tend to are engaged seeking to secure the discharge of the vessel.


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