Rescue team is doing it’s operation in the northern Turkey to save people from the heavy flood flow.

Kastamonu province is the most badly suffering area that accounts upto 25 deaths. Two others died in Sinop on the coast.Situation is becoming even worse but the control team is trying to handle everything at it’s best.

Due to flood the area is facing massive destruction in the area. Also some buildings got collapsed , stopage of various bridges and power cut is a huge issue faced by people.

This very month Turkey has also had to battle huge wildfires in the south.

Those fires which are now under control , forced thousands of locals and tourists to flee Marmaris and surrounding areas.

In the flooded area near the Black Sea, helicopters pullwd some people from rooftops while the others were rescued by a boat.

UN report has warned of more extreme weather events because of human-induced global warming in the Turkey’s latest disaster. Flash floods and severe heatwaves are hitting much of Europe this summer.

In neighbouring Greece, the authorities say widespread wildfires are more controllable now because of the heavy rainfall that came in the past 48 hours.


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