Microsoft is giving away a $1,500 one-time pandemic bonus to its employees


After offering their employees permanent work-from-home options, software and tech giant Microsoft has decided to make things more cheesier by offering a $1,500 pandemic bonus in addition as well. As per The Verge, Microsoft’s internal memo indicated the presence of a $1,500 one-time bonus and it “is in recognition of the unique and challenging fiscal year that Microsoft just completed.”

Kathleen Hogan, who is working as the Chief People Officer at Microsoft made an announcement for the bonus to the employees and its eligibility in the US and in the world. The company is offering this bonus to all employees who fall below the level of corporate vice president and entered the company on or prior to 31st March, 2021. These employees also include the people who work part-time and on hourly rates.

Microsoft has employed over 175,508 people from all across the globe. However, some employees are exempt from this bonus and these include the ones on LinkedIn, GitHub, and ZeniMax though these are owned by Microsoft only. In totality, the company is giving away a gift of over $200 million, and it is equal to its profit for nearly two days. Looks like Microsoft has followed in the footsteps of Facebook giving its 45,000 employees $1,000 each, Amazon’s $300 holiday bonus for frontline workers, and BT gifting its 60,000 employees £1,500 each (approximately $2,000). The company has also reportedly provided donation of over $98 million worth of assistance to non-profit groups in the state of Washington ever since the pandemic began. It is also committing an additional $60 million support by the end of July.


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