WeChat shockingly deletes accounts of several LGBTQ student groups in China


The LGBTQ community gained enormous support from celebrities and people all over the world in the last month which was celebrated as the ‘Pride’ month. Though the support helps to brighten their life morally, they still face a lot of issues in everyday life. Social acceptance in some parts of the world is one of them. Recently, the highly popular Chinese social platform WeChat deleted the accounts of many university based LGBTQ groups in China. All of this was done by the company in a very discreet manner after the groups were issued prior warnings that their activities on the platform were in violation of community rules.

Though WeChat issued warnings to the LGBTQ groups in Chinese universities, it failed to mention concrete explanations in them. The deleted accounts have been removed from the platform, however, Weibo users were quick to grab a list of the group names that had to face this crisis. These groups include students from Tsinghua University and Fudan University. The Verge has tried to get a comment from the owner and operator of WeChat which is none other than Tencent to understand on which basis the accounts were deleted and what were the violated rules.


The Chinese Society of Psychiatry removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in the year 2001. Even so, the people from the LGBTQ community still have to face marginalization within the nation. In what seems to be a tough road, WeChat’s move against the community and the app being a popular one, deletion of the accounts has stood like a monster in successful organization for advocacy groups. The Associated Press also informed to The Verge that one of the managers of the deleted LGBTQ student groups had anonymously stated to them how their university was encouraging them to delete their pages or not to mention the university’s name anywhere before WeChat takes any action against them.


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