The Princess

In the first look image of The Princess Joey King is a sword-wielding royal. King is generally known for starring in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth set of three. The 22-year-old former youngster star has also appeared in films including The Conjuring, Independence Day: Resurgence, and The Dark Knight Rises. In 2019, she got Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her part in The Act, a wrongdoing drama restricted series on Hulu.

Disney (via twentieth Century Studios Canada) has disclosed a first look image for The Princess during its inaugural Disney+ Day. The photo shows King looking each inch like a warrior princess ready for battle. Her short white dress is muddied and grimy as she holds a sword in one hand. Behind her are fallen mercenaries who she has defeated in request to ensure her kingdom. Look at the image underneath:

While the movie’s plot is as yet hush-hush, the first image teases a thrilling and empowering princess story that Disney is known for. In fact, King’s look is exceptionally reminiscent of Merida in Brave, the 2012 Pixar animated film about a medieval Scottish princess who would prefer to shoot arrows than wear a tiara. Many other Disney movies, for example, Mulan and Tangled were also worked around female leads who are headstrong, passionate, and daring. This formula has clearly worked for endless Disney princess movies, from Cinderella to The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen.

That said, The Princess doesn’t look like the typical Disney renaissance movie. Based on its first official photo, the upcoming film teases to combine Disney’s fairytale magic with the mercilessness of a genuine action movie. Disney impeccably portrays it as “John Wick meets Sleeping Beauty.” Viewers can expect an epic adventure that will heap on the kill count. King, who is straight from the achievement of The Kissing Booth, appears to be the ideal decision to star in the lead job. She radiates beauty and defiance like a princess form of Joan of Arc. With all these components, The Princess vows to give its young audiences one thrilling cinematic adventure.


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