Eternals producer, Victoria Alonso, has reacted to criticism of the LBGTQ representation in the film with a passionate conversation on the obligation of being inclusive and various. Eternals debuted on November 5, 2021, and follows The Eternals, immortal and superpowered beings who have subtly lived on earth for hundreds of years to battle the Deviants. At the point when the Deviants resurface, The Eternals are forced to rejoin and rise again to battle them. The movie was coordinated by award-winning essayist and director Chlo Zhao and featured A-rundown cast including Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, and Brian Tyree Henry.

As announced by Variety, Alonso gave a passionate discourse at the Outfest Legacy Awards as a reaction to the LGBTQ criticism. First, Alonso explained that it is typical for there to be pundits and that it is alright to be one. Notwithstanding, she also wanted to point out to such pundits that variety and representation aren’t about a political agenda or “game.” Rather, it is an intense and real obligation that accompanies having a global audience. With a global audience, achievement is extremely reliant upon individuals around the world seeing themselves addressed. Look at her statement underneath:

We have attempted to work it up and at times the pundits are not with us. Thats OK. Thats OK. We thank you for being a pundit. We thank you for writing about us. And the fans will choose. Variety and inclusion is definitely not a political game for us. It is 100% an obligation because you dont get to have the global achievement that we have given the Walt Disney Company without the help of individuals around the universe of each kind of human there is.

Overall, Eternals was a daring film that created a ton of firsts for the MCU. The film was certainly one of a kind in many more aspects, as indeed, with Zhao and a significant part of the cast not having a major history in the hero class. Their interesting point of view can definitely be found in the film’s casting decisions, historical scenes, and plot. With a film that is so interesting and historical, it is hard to understand the reason why such a large conversation would arise from the featuring of a gay superhuman. The relationship was hardly a central or overbearing aspect of the plot; it was simply one part of a character’s personality. Such criticism definitely illustrates that LGBTQ representation doesn’t happen regularly enough. With Alonso’s and Marvel’s help of Eternals’ variety, notwithstanding, this issue may begin to be settled as Hollywood makes steps to normalize variety and representation.


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