buns burger

Who doesn’t love a good and big burger? Everyone, indeed. A burger company in the UAE named ‘Buns’ opened its pop-up burger service to the customers in February near the historic Fujairah Fort. It was one among a few food chains that quickly make an impression in the fast-food market of UAE which is otherwise dominated by big names such as KFC and McDonalds. Also, the burger company received a very good response from its customers and because of that, Buns is now planning to launch its first permanent outlet in the later half of 2021.

Buns Burger

Abdullah Taleb, Buns’ General Manager, said “Our vision is simple – to offer the local residents and tourists in Fujairah the best quality burgers which are not only delicious but also healthy as they are made from finest and freshest ingredients. We think that UAE has the ability to launch its very own burger brand in the world that can compete with the multinational fast food chains.” Buns’ offers burgers and a number of side dishes to its customers in Fujairah via Talabat mobile-phone app. The fast-food expert is now trying to replicate its success during the Winter Carnival pop-up by organizing special events and activities.

Taleb stated that their burgers are so delicious that they sell out as soon as they are made. The reason behind it he mentioned was the fresh and high-quality ingredients as against their competitors who import ingredients and sacrifice their freshness. Though the short-term plan is to establish a base in Fujairah, project managers have started working on expanding the business all throughout UAE and even in the world.


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