South Australia, imposed  a seven-day lockdown after detecting five infections linked to a returned traveller, just as the neighbouring state of Victoria extended by a week a 5day lockdown that had reduce &  stop new cases.

More than half of australia’s 25 million population are under now in lockdown after a third state delta variant of coronavirus adopted movement in the highly contagious on tuesday.

Australia’s infections and deaths are well below other developed nations,  its use of lockdowns, prompted by a  vaccination , is putting pressure on the national government, and just months before elections are due to be held.

 Largest city Sydney, where the Delta outbreak started before spreading elsewhere, is in the fourth week of a five-week lockdown

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales,  on Tuesday the state that recorded 78 new cases down from 98 a day earlier, for its biggest daily dip since Sydney went into lockdown.

Kerry Chant, the state’s chief health officer, said in Sydney,”We are seeing more hospitalisations, more patient  admits  to ICU, more people on ventilators  we have to stop the spread of COVID,”95  people with COVID-19 are in hospital in the state, 27 of them in intensive care and 11 on ventilators. The state’s five deaths in the latest outbreak take the national toll to 915, with a tally of just over 32,000 infections.

Australia has follw on lockdowns, tough social distancing rules and  contact tracing to hold infections, such as Britain and the United States 13 million Australians were under lockdown, the country’s health minister definded its pandemic response as having saved thousands of lives.

Greg Hunt told reporters “The scope and scale between the rest of the world and Australia are immeasurably different and we shouldn’t lose sight of what has been achieved on an extraordinary level.”State premier Daniel Andrews said in Melbourne “There are chains of transmission not yet contained that we don’t know about,”.


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