The 48-year-old actor donned a prosthetic for his role in ‘Red Rocket’ and because he “wasn’t allowed” to take it home as a souvenir at the end of filming, he likes the idea of it being put on display instead.He said: “I don’t think  it was an option, but it will be in a museum one day.”

When asked if he would donate the piece to the newly opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, he added “I like that idea.”Simon  who plays a con man and former porn star in the movie  only confirmed last month that he wore a prosthesis for his nude scenes and was amazed he “got away with it” for so long.

Speaking about making the admission when he accepted Best Male Lead at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, he said: “I finally had to let it be known.“I just had fun with it, and me and  Sean Baker  we agreed that we were going to keep it mysterious, and not say whether or not that was really me naked.

“And at that point, after we won the Spirit Award, I said, ‘It’s time to tell people.’ We did this for eight months. We somehow got away with it for eight months. It was just time to let people know.”The movie has marked a career resurgence for the former model and he admitted his sudden return to success has been “very surreal”.

He explained: “It’s been very surreal, because we’ve all been living in this strange time together, in this Twilight Zone pandemic, strange times collectively that we’re all in.“So if you add, on top of that, this amazing highlight of my career, it just adds to the weirdness of it all.

“Sometimes I just start laughing. I’ll be in a hotel room by myself and I just start cracking up because it’s kind of like, life is just a big cosmic joke. And how is this happening now? And I still think I’m just reeling from it all.”


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