Despite the sanctions, Russia is not ready to back down. His continued attack on Ukraine continues. In such a situation, a professor in England says that Putin is on the way to make Russia the new North Korea. 

Despite the sanctions imposed by many countries of the world, Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues. Although Ukraine is also trying its best to defend itself, but Russian forces are constantly moving towards the capital Kiev. In such a situation, a professor from England claims that the downfall of the President of Russia has started from here. 

Putin’s downfall begins

According to the news published in The Sun, Professor Michael Clarke says that it looks like Putin’s army will overtake Ukraine’s army, but with this victory could be the beginning of the downfall of the Russian leader. Putin has now reached the summit. No matter how much China supports them, but no one can stop their downfall.

This Putin is different from the one 5 years ago

He said that when this collapse will happen, it cannot be said yet, but from now on he is on a slope, because Putin has done a lot of damage to Russia in the eyes of the world. The man is not crazy, but he is different from the Putin who was 5 years ago. At that time also we did not like him, but understood. Now neither like nor understand.

Putin wants to make New Russia

The professor said that Russia, dependent on Moscow, feels safest surrounded by weak or broken states, but it does not like to be neighbors of prosperous, well-functioning countries. Putin is upset because Ukraine likes Western countries. Putin wants to create a New Russia.

Referendum will be held in the coming time

He said Putin believes that eastern Ukraine, like the Donbass and Crimea, can join back Russia. For this, Putin will hold a referendum on merger with Russia and will also win with an overwhelming majority. Only then will he run the government, according to him, west of the Dnieper River in Belarus.

NATO may go to war  

The professor says that if Russian troops move towards NATO member Baltic states, then NATO will also go to war. Putin will not stop even after the sanctions imposed by various countries after the Ukraine attack, but will certainly hurt Russia. These sanctions could last for 10 years or more, as Western countries stand united against Russia as before.

China is worried

He says China is terrified that Putin will become more dependent on him than ever before and he fears Russia will become another North Korea. Putin may become the new Kim Jong Un, whom Beijing supports. 


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