The secret of a woman working in adult films was revealed when she got a message from her uncle. However, more than the secret being revealed, the woman was shocked by the words written in that message. Uncle had written something which he did not expect at all. 

Washington: An adult star kept working in adult films hidden from the eyes of everyone for five years, then one day a message exposed her secret. This message was sent to him from the uncle of the porn star. This message was meant to let the whole family know about his work. Thinking of this, the porn star was scared for a while.  

57,000 followers on Tiktok

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, X-rated actress Karlie Brooks says that for almost five years no one in her family knew what she was doing. Then one day he got a message from his uncle, which stunned him as soon as he read it. Brooks has shared this information with his 57,000 TikTok followers. His video has been viewed 7.7 million times so far.

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Didn’t expect such message

When Carly Brooks read Uncle’s message, she was surprised, because she had never expected what was written in the message. The message read, ‘Hey kiddo! I am your uncle, I think I have seen you in a viral clip. Very good. My friends want to know if you’re on OnlyFans too’? The porn star got this message when she had to go to a family function on the second day.

people harassed uncle

However, the adult star did not say what happened in that program. But different types of comments are coming on this story on social media. Some have criticized his uncle for the strange message, while some are blaming him. One user wrote, ‘I apologize to all such men. I am also sorry for that you get such uncle’. Another user wrote, ‘If my uncle had sent me such a message, I would have told everyone’.


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