The actor’s death was purportedly caused by a botched cardiac surgery, and General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership insisted that it was not to blame.

Bill Paxton’s family filed a wrongful death case in 2017 after the actor died as a result of reportedly botched heart surgery. An anesthesiologist medical firm settled for $1 million.

Attorneys representing Dr. Moody Makar and General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership filed court filings in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday seeking approval of the arrangement and dismissing claims against them. Paxton’s heart surgery was performed by Makar, who was also the anesthesiologist.

Paxton’s death, according to General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership, is not their fault. “Insofar as their involvement in the care and treatment of James Paxton, their employees conformed with the standard of care,” it said in court records, “and nothing their people did or didn’t do caused or contributed to his death.”

The company stated it settled its obligation in the case to “fairly compensate claimants” and avoid “expensive and time-consuming litigation.”

After a heart surgery, the actor, who starred in Twisters, Aliens, and Apollo 13, died after a stroke in 2017. His wife and children filed a lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, alleging that its employees were negligent in performing the procedure, which they claimed was unusual and shouldn’t have been done in the first place. They further claimed that the hospital attempted to hide its wrongdoing by refusing to perform an autopsy and stating to the cremation and memorial service firm that the family did not want one.

Wrongful death, survival action, and violation of fiduciary duty were among the claims made against General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership.

Dr. Ali Khoynezhad, who performed the operation, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are still involved in the case. Paxton’s family can pursue punitive damages after a judge in Los Angeles determined in January that the hospital engaged in a cover-up to conceal its wrongdoing.

The trial is set to begin on September 19th.

Requests for response from attorneys for General Anesthesia Specialists Partnership and Paxton’s family were not immediately returned.


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