Questions are also being raised about the role of NATO in the Russia-Ukraine war. The President of Ukraine has accused NATO of cheating. It was believed that America and NATO would help Ukraine in this war, but so far this has not been seen.

 The name of NATO is coming up again and again in the Russia-Ukraine War. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has accused the US as well as NATO of cheating. It was believed that US and NATO would support Ukraine in this war, but it did not happen. At the same time, Russia says that if Ukraine had given up its insistence on becoming a part of NATO, then perhaps this situation would not have happened. In such a situation, it is important to know what is NATO and why Russia is so annoyed with it.

NATO and its fundamentals 

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a military alliance formed in 1949, initially consisting of 12 countries including the US, Canada, Britain and France. The basic principle of this organization is that if a member country is attacked, then the rest of the countries will come forward to help it. That is why it was believed that NATO would help Ukraine in difficult times. But so far this has not been seen.

How many countries are it part of?

The original purpose of this organization was to stop Russia’s expansion into Europe after the Second World War. In 1955, in response to NATO, Soviet Russia formed its own separate military alliance with the communist countries of Eastern Europe, which was named the Warsaw Pact. However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact switched sides and became part of NATO. There are now 30 countries in the NATO alliance.

Putin wants this promise 

At present, Ukraine is an ally of NATO and there are talks of its joining this organization. Whereas Russia wants a promise from the Western countries that this will never happen. However, the US and its allies are against preventing Ukraine from joining NATO. They argue that Ukraine is an independent nation that can make decisions about its own security and can join any coalition.

Russia is angry about this

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that Western countries are using NATO to enter Russian territory. Putin wants NATO to stop its military activities in Eastern Europe. He says that the US has broken the promise made in 1990 in which it was said that NATO will not move east, but America says that it has never made any such promise. On the other hand, NATO says that some of its member countries share borders with Russia and are a protective alliance.

What is NATO doing?

This war is going on right next to the eastern border of the NATO region and many member countries of the organization feel that Russia may attack them further. In view of this, NATO has put hundreds of fighter planes and warships on alert and is increasing the number of its troops in the Russia-Ukraine border areas. Experts believe that NATO can also activate its response force, which has about 40,000 soldiers.


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