Ukraine Couple Wedding: After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, the couple decided to get married because they had no idea what was going to happen in the future? He told that before death they wanted to be with each other.

 On the one hand, Russia’s attacks in Ukraine are continuing, but in the meantime a couple from Ukraine remains the subject of discussion, who got married in Ukraine in the midst of the war. The wedding pictures of this couple are becoming increasingly viral on social media. The surprising thing is that the couple got married in a church located in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv amidst the sirens of air strikes.

Married in the midst of attack on Ukraine

Let us tell you that Yarina and Svyatoslav got married in the midst of the attack on Ukraine. In October 2019, the two met during a demonstration. They got married thinking that because they do not know the future, what is going to happen in Ukraine next?

The couple will fight on behalf of Ukraine

According to a report published in CNN, Yarina said that the situation is very bad. We are going to fight for our land. We may have died but we wanted to be with each other before that.

Why did the couple get married amidst the attack?

Significantly, Yarina and Svyatoslav had planned to get married on May 6, 2022. But after the Russian invasion started, they decided to get married.

Let us know that Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine early on Thursday, after which Ukraine was attacked with missiles and Russian troops began to occupy the territory of Ukraine.

Let us tell you that after the wedding, Yarina and Svyatoslav decided to go to the Defense Center to help defend Ukraine.


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