A Ukrainian woman gave birth to a baby girl amid Russia’s invasion. The woman was hiding in a shelter to avoid Russian missiles, while she was delivered. The people of Ukraine are looking at this girl as hope, they think that maybe her fate will end the war. 

Russia’s army is moving forward to occupy Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War). His guns are continuously raining bombs. Everywhere there is a scene of devastation. People are running here and there to save their lives. Meanwhile, the house of a Ukrainian family reverberated in fear. A woman who took shelter in the shelter to avoid Russian missiles gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Friday (Ukrainian Woman Gives Birth in Shelter).   

guns were roaring outside

According to the news of ‘Daily Mail’, people of Ukraine are taking shelter in underground cellars to save their lives. A pregnant woman was also present in one such shelter, who gave birth to a baby girl around 8:30 pm on Friday night. The woman suddenly started labor pain and she started screaming. Russian guns were roaring outside, so it was not possible to take him to the hospital. Therefore, somehow its delivery was done in the shelter itself.

Policemen helped

On hearing the woman’s screaming, the policemen present outside rushed there and they helped the woman in delivery. Mykola Shlapak, a police officer said, ‘When we reached there after hearing the scream, we found the woman in pain. We and the rest of the people present there helped and got the woman delivered. Later they were admitted to the hospital, where both are completely fine.

‘Maybe the war is over now’ 

The woman has named her baby girl MIa. In difficult times, the people of Ukraine are looking at this girl as hope. He believes that maybe Mia’s fate will end the war. Let us tell you that on Thursday, Russia declared war with Ukraine. Since then his army has been continuously targeting Ukraine. Many countries, including America, have imposed sanctions on Russia, but despite this, the Russian army is moving forward. It is believed that Russia will occupy Ukraine in the next few hours.


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