Six months have passed since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. From the time of his capture, people were running away from the city and the country in fear. The same thing happened in the ancient city of Bamiyan, which was called the stronghold of the Buddhists. Almost all the affluent there left Bamiyan. Even in the midst of this fear, a graduate girl Fiesta showed courage. He was determined to teach others.

Along with the local Dari language, she also teaches English
, so that poor children can continue to study, due to this she did not close her school. To avoid being caught by Taliban fighters, he made the mountain cave his school. From there she is giving two hours of training to the children every day. He taught not only the local Dari language but also English. He also taught the verses of the Quran. To run this school, he worked in people’s homes and also sold goods in the local market.

Fiesta, who has been running the school for 10 years,
told a newspaper that she has been running this school for almost 10 years. She opened this school when she was 12 years old. Children in the age group of four to 17 years from about 50 families come to this school. She was terrified when the Taliban regained power in August. The boy’s mother, who came to study from another village, told that people fled from the village due to fear of Taliban. Now that I have returned here, there was no money to educate the children. Then this school became a resort.

The Talibani came to the village 3 times, but could not trace it
, Fista said, ‘My friends suggested that I remove the posters pasted on the walls, because I was teaching girls. Later I took them out and stuffed them in the bag and threw them in the river. Taliban fighters came three times to the village, but they could not find my school in the cave. Freshta is the only one in Bamiyan who runs the school with her own money.


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