In California, America, a family found their lost dog after 12 years, so their happiness knew no bounds. For this, the microchin in Doggy’s body helped a lot.

 : It is very sad when a special member of your family, be it a pet, goes away. What if someone’s pet dog comes back home after many years, then obviously there will be a lot of happiness. A similar incident was seen in California. Here the missing dog of a family came back home after 12 years, so the mistress’s happiness knew no bounds.

Was missing 12 years ago

 This pet dog was separated from its owner about 12 years ago. Then, he was only 6 months old. Now she has again reached her mistress and the local police helped in this work.

Joey found in ill condition

The name of this dog is Joey. He was thrown from a car near Stockton. She found some person in a sick and weak condition. He called the police and gave information about the dog.

Microchip found in Doggy’s investigation

After this the policemen took him to the animal service officer. When officials examined him, it was found that his body was microchipped. Scanning the microchip revealed that she was missing since 2010.

did not expect to meet the mistress

Joi’s mistress Michelle said that I had no hope of getting him back, but now I am very excited to have him. At the same time, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office says that Joey was missing for so long that the microchip company included him on the list of dead dogs in 2015.

mistress’s number found in microchip

Animal Services Officer Brandon Levine said Joey was scanned. All the information about the owner was found from his chip. On investigation, it was found that the mobile number included in the information is still working. When she met, she was in complete shock.

Joi was found with twin sister

Police said that this dog was found about 60 miles from the mistress’s house in Lafayette. Michelle said that Joe had met us with his twin sister from near the  pond. She was with us for about 6 months.

Was missing while buying goods

He said that one day when we went to the shop to buy goods. During that time she went missing. Now that she is found, I will take good care of her. 


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