An aardvark has been born for the first time in a UK zoo. This strange looking animal is mainly found in Africa, where it is being hunted for meat.

: For the first time in its 90-year history, an aardvark has been born at the Chester Zoo in Britain. Giving information about this, Xu has told that the born aardvark is female. It is named after the character Dobby of the Harry Potter series. Let us tell you that aardvarks are found in sub-Saharan Africa, where their habitat is being destroyed as a result of agricultural development.

Team watching all the time

The zoo states on its website that the Baby Aardvark has large hooked ears, wrinkled skin without hair and large claws. He is being taken care of a lot. Every few hours he is given food and a team of experts is constantly monitoring him. For the first time in the 90-year history of this zoo, an aardvark has been born, so this is a wonderful moment for aardvark lovers.

slaughter for meat

Zoo officials said the number of aardvarks is declining due to conflicts with farmers. There are also reports that they are being hunted for meat. Twilight team manager Dave White said that this is the first aardvark to be born in this zoo and so it is very important for us. Dave White said that when we saw this child lying next to his mother, he looked exactly like Harry Potter’s character Dobby, so we named him the same. 

There are only so many Aardvark in the world

Only 66 aardvarks are left in zoos in Europe and only 109 in zoos around the world. According to the website, the word aardvark means ‘meaning pig’ in Afrikaans. These nocturnal animals use their long nose and sense of smell to spot ants and termites. Their tongue is up to 25 cm long.


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