The 46-year-old actress Isla Fisher  is married to comedy star Sacha Baron Cohen, but she admits there’s something daunting about falling in love.Isla whose new series, ‘Wolf Like Me’, focuses on the horrors of new love explained: “We’re so used to seeing rom coms where we’re only given the nice bits of people connecting.“It feels quite original. Love is scary! Once you give somebody your heart and they give theirs, obviously you’re completely vulnerable.

“The show is more an exploration of love mixed with shame and fear.”The Hollywood star – who typically gravitates towards secretive characters  admits that her role in the new series is distinctly different to her real-life self.

She said: “Comedy is the most vulnerable sort of performance.“If you miss the mark, there’s nothing to catch you. It’s not like drama, yet comedy just isn’t considered equal to it, particularly in the eyes of the Oscars.”Isla also feels that her preparation and professionalism is often overlooked by critics.

She told : “I also enjoyed playing Mary because she’s so lonely. I’m super gregarious, I love people, I socialise whenever I can. Mary’s the total opposite of me, and she’s got all this baggage and doesn’t feel safe being around people ”Isla suggested that comedic roles are often more challenging than people realise.

The actress shared: “Without sounding like a luvvie and getting all ‘thespian’, I did go to clown school. I studied with Jacques Lecoq, who’s a phenomenal clown teacher. He taught me to think about how walk and talk  it’s like putting on a costume, and doing that then informs all the internal work.“You prepare and you prepare, and you try to be as meticulous as you.”


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