A gem larger than the size of a brick has been sold for $1,25,000. Called ‘Americus Australis’, this opal gemstone weighs more than 11,800 carats and was with a businessman for years.

 The ‘Opal’ gemstone, one of the best quality gemstones ever sold, has been sold for $1,25,000 (approximately Rs 93 lakh). This gem got such a huge price in the auction held in Alaska on Sunday. Auction house ‘Alaska Premier Auctions and Appraisals’ reported that this opal, called ‘Americus Australis’, weighs more than 11,800 carats. 

Was kept in the cupboard for years 

This ‘opal’ gemstone has a long history. It was recently kept in a linen closet at a house in Big Lake, north of Anchorage. It was owned by a man named Fred Von Brandt, who mined gold in Alaska and his family owned a gems business.

This gem breaks into two pieces

Opal is bigger than a brick and breaks into two pieces. Von Brandt explained that this has been done for decades to prove the quality of the gemstone. He told that this gem was with his family since 1950, when his grandfather bought it from an Australian opal dealer named John Altman.

‘Time to send to the world’

Von Brandt told that his father decided that a long time had passed since he kept this gem in the lock and now it was time to send it back to the world. So he auctioned the gem and sold it for $1,25,000. He said that he is very happy with the price the Opal Gemstone has received.


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