You must also go for dinner with your girlfriend in an expensive restaurant, but what will you do when your bill exceeds 18 thousand? Will fill or run away. The correct answer is that you will pay the bill, but this UK couple did not do it.

 Often you must have seen that many couples go to the most expensive restaurant to get their girlfriend lunch or dinner, but their senses are blown away when the bill arrives. Although, even after being surprised, he pays the bill for expensive restaurant, but such a case has come to light from Britain, which you will also be surprised to hear. Actually, here a couple went to the pub for a romantic date. During this, the boyfriend drank at least 4 bottles of wine with his girlfriend, whose bill was found to be around 18 thousand rupees. Surprisingly, seeing the bill, the couple’s senses were blown away and the couple ran away without paying the bill.

Bill came close to 18 thousand

According to the report, this case is from North Yorkshire, UK. On Valentine’s Day, the couple went on a romantic date to a pub located here. During this, both of them emptied at least 4 wine bottles. When the bill came, both of them fled from there. The owner of this restaurant took the help of social media to recover money. The owner made the couple’s bill public on social media. Not only this, the police was also informed about this whole matter. On the other hand, when this matter came to the fore on social media, people started demanding to release the video of this incident. According to the report, the couple had gone to a pub named The Mill.

Unknown woman paid the bill

According to the report, this couple had also talked to the employees of the pub for the bill. During this, the couple had said that when his salary comes, he will pay the bill. Let us tell you that this couple had booked a romantic table on Valentine’s Day. It has been said on The Mill’s Facebook page that we believe that this has not happened to you intentionally, but come and pay the bill. However, on February 16, an unidentified woman paid the bill.


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