A fire broke out at the Panama Flag cargo ship Facility Ace on Wednesday afternoon near the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of luxury vehicles are present in this ship going from Germany to America. At the same time, 22 crew members have been evacuated with the help of the Portuguese Navy and Air Force. All are safe.

The Navy says the ship is being monitored. The fire is still on. There are plans to take the ship to a nearby port. A port on Portugal’s Azores Island is nearby, but it is not possible to take the ship there, as the ship is as big as three football grounds.

3,965 Luxury Cars on Ship
An email from Volkswagen’s US operations revealed that there are 3,965 Volkswagen AG vehicles on board. Apart from this, it also includes Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini.

Vehicles being
shipped to Port of Houston The more than 100 GTI, Golf R and ID.4 model vehicles on board are being shipped to Port of Houston, Texas. Significant damage is expected due to the fire. Already the automobile industry is running at a loss due to the pandemic. In such a situation, the matter has become more serious due to the fire.

Porsche spokesman Luke Vandejande, who was present at 1,100 Porsche cars,
said the company estimated that about 1,100 of its vehicles were on the ship at the time of the fire. Automobile dealers are contacting the customers affected by the incident. On the other hand, a spokesman for Lamborghini’s US branch declined to comment on the incident.

Customers express disappointment
Some customers have expressed their disappointment on social media. A Twitter user said that his custom-specific Porsche Boxster Spider car is also on the ship. Her price starts at around $99,650.

In 2019 also, such an accident happened
in the Grande America ship caught fire in 2019. Because of this she drowned along with the vehicles. At that time it had over 2,000 luxury cars including Audi and Porsche


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