A unique story of twins has come to the fore in America. Here two twin sisters had married the twin brother. Within a few months, both became pregnant and both had a child. Now their children are also exactly the same. They are technically being called twins. Both are also similar in appearance.

The twins met at the fair

Brittany and Briana, 34, are twin sisters from Virginia, USA. Both are exactly the same. Since childhood, his education, likes and dislikes have remained the same. Both are currently working as lawyers in the same law farm. The two went to a twins’ fair in Twinsburg in 2018. Twins from all over the country and abroad had come to this fair. The two sisters met James and Jermy, 35, at the fair. Both the brothers were also twins and looked alike. Brittany and Briana fall in love with James and Jermy at first sight. After which they got married together.

all live in one house

The interesting thing is that everyone lives together in the same house. Their children are also genetically identical. In such a situation, three twins live under one roof. They intend to do everything together in the future as well. People are shocked to hear the story of this family of twins.


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