In a desperate afghans to flee the country, a new report has said that  many Afghan women were forced into marriages inside the evacuation camps outside the Kabul airport so that they become easily eligible for evacuation, the US state department was alerted.

 A report by  CNN , the practice was brought to the notice of US diplomats who have also alerted the UAE over the issue. The report said some families even paid men eligible for evacuation in thousand of dollars.

Some men were approached only to pose as husbands for women to flee, the CNN report said. This has triggered concern over the possibility of human trafficking flourishing around the evacuation from Kabul.

The report said that since the issue has been brought to the notice of the diplomats and the extent of this practice is not really known, US diplomats in the UAE would provide guidance to identify potential victims of human trafficking.

 The evacuation process is now over and the Taliban are all set to announce their new government in Afghanistan, the evacuees are mostly in transit. Many are in the UAE. Once these third countries process their travel to the US, they will be leaving for the United States

The Taliban coming to power after two remaining two decades in the shadows rang trouble for women as in the earlier regime, between 1996 and 2000, all rights were snatched from the women.

 This time, the Taliban promised women rights as permitted by the Sharia law, but it has already banned co-education, travelling without male guardians etc.


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