A sharply reduce in daily coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases, UK’s top Imperial college epidemiologist Neil Ferguson has said  on Tuesday that the end of   Britain could be just months away reduced the risk of hospitalization and death due to vaccine has changed the equation.

 Ferguson, who influenced the governments’ response across the world with his initial Covid-19 modelling, told the BBC that though “the UK is not completely out of the woods but the equation has changed” .

Ferguson said “The effect of vaccines has been huge in reducing the risk of hospitalisation and death and I think, I’m positive that by late September, October time we will be looking back at most of the pandemic,”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision  to remove almost all restrictions England  on July 19 in restarting an economy damaged by lockdown since2020  was severely criticised by health experts as the country was witnessing a worrying surge driven by the highly contagious Delta variant.

While the impact of the removal of Covid restrictions is yet to be seen, Johnson is betting on the high rates of vaccination to boost one of Europe’s largest economies.

 The epidemiologist neil fergusan who influenced global response with his initial Covid-19 modelling said that the reduced risk of hospitalisations and deaths due to vaccines has “fundamentally changed” the equation.

Highest official death in the world 1,29,460 , daily new case, which in current wave peaked at54,674 .The daily new Covid-19 cases have fallen continuously for the last six days, with 24,950 new cases reported on Monday.

The UK government followed up on the plan but continued to follow the importance of social distancing measures and wearing face masks.


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